nier automata gameplay.jpg

NieR: Automata has been a surprise hit. Back in September, Square Enix announced that the action role-playing game had shifted over two million copies, so it's clear that the publisher is paying attention. As such, we wouldn't be at all shocked to see a sequel get revealed at some point over the next year or so.

Job listings have previously hinted that another NieR title is being prepped by the publisher, and now the evidence is starting to mount. In the latest issue of Japanese publication Dengeki PlayStation -- as translated by Gematsu -- producer Yosuke Saito hints that something is in the works.

"As for a game, we’re making preparations for the setting," Saito says. "I hope you will look forward to it.”

Saito is then asked whether nutty director Yoko Taro will play a part. He replies: "I would like to believe (laughs). Yoko says he will do anything as long as he receives money for it, but there is no one who doesn’t move for money as much as that man. He only wants to do what he wants to do. So I’ll try my best to explicitly say what he doesn’t want to do to guide him towards what I want to do (laughs)."

Hopefully Taro is on board for whatever this next project turns out to be, otherwise it just wouldn't be the same, would it? Are you up for more NieR? Draw your sword in the comments section below.