Square Enix has announced that Star Ocean: The Last Hope will arrive on PlayStation 4 next month. The confirmed date follows on from last week's news that a current-gen remaster was in the works. We thought that we might have to wait a while for this one, but nope, it's hitting Sony's system on the 28th November. It'll come with a PS4 theme and a set of avatars, and PlayStation Plus subscribers get 10 per cent off until the 12th December.

The Last Hope is being remastered in full HD and it'll support 4K on PS4 Pro. The original PlayStation 3 release wasn't a bad looking game, so it'll be interesting to see just how well it's held up after all these years. If you want to catch a quick glimpse, we've embedded a few screenshots below.


Will you be picking up Star Ocean: The Last Hope on PS4? Try not to remember the voice acting in the comments section below.