Spider-Man PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Well, it looks like our Paris Games Week 2017 predictions may already be in tatters, as Spider-Man could very well be swinging into the show. We ruled out an appearance for Insomniac Games’ anticipated PlayStation 4 web-slinger on the basis that we expected Sony to save Peter Parker et al for PSX 2017 a little later in the year – but Marvel Games’ Isabel Hsu has our spider-senses tingling.

Asked on Twitter whether the exclusive would be on display in the French capital next week, she simply responded with a thinking face emoji. While we’re blissfully aware that this is far from a confirmation, it’s interesting that there was no outright denial, which is what you’d expect if the company had decided to keep the comic book character’s latest and greatest under wraps.

Are you expecting to see Spidey scaling the Eiffel Tower next week? Unravel a tangled web in the comments section below.

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