Destiny 2 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

With Destiny 2 sales down at retail, Bungie’s sequel needed to put in a big performance on the PlayStation Store – and, well, it topped the PlayStation Store sales charts for North America in September. But in Europe it was toppled by an even bigger brand: FIFA 18 shot straight to the number one in the PS4 charts – despite it launching really late in the month.

NBA 2K18 pulled up in second over in the States, but had to settle for 10th position in Europe. To be honest, it’s a sports dominated top five in North America, with FIFA 18 and Madden NFL 18 also present – all above Final Fantasy IX in fifth position. Square Enix’s iconic role-playing game settled for sixth place in the Old World.

Over in PlayStation VR land, SUPERHOT VR continued to be the most popular title across the two continents. Future sports title Sparc also did pretty well, finishing second and fourth in North America and Europe respectively. Elsewhere, Undertale topped the PlayStation Vita sales list in Europe, though it was nowhere to be seen in the States.

You can view the full best-sellers lists for Europe and North America through the respective links.

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