Forgive us for being ignorant casuals, but we've only just discovered a little game called Moonlighter. Initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign and then snapped up by publisher 11 Bit Studios, Moonlighter is an action role-playing title in which you lead a dual life. During the day, you run a store and sell stuff to plebs. At night, you run off into the wilderness and delve into dungeons in order to hoover up loot, which you then flog in your shop. It's a nifty premise from the start.

Moonlighter has been knocking about for a while now -- it's even had a beta on PC -- but it was only brought to our attention when our sister site Nintendo Life reported that it's also coming to the Nintendo Switch. After checking out some gameplay footage, it's safe to say that we think the game looks incredibly promising -- and so here we are writing this article.

We've included the Switch announcement trailer above, as that features the latest footage of the game.

Moonlighter is due out in 2018 on PlayStation 4, but has it caught your eye? Sell your opinions in the comments section below.