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Knack 2 flopped so hard in Japan that no one even noticed. As always, the Japanese sales charts released yesterday spotlighting the Top 20 software releases in the Eastern region. Japan Studio’s sequel didn’t make the grade, and very few were even aware that it had launched during the tracking period (28th September) in the nation.

In fact, so badly did the sequel do that it wasn’t included in Famitsu’s Top 30 either; you have to turn your attention to Dengeki to get a rough estimate for the platformer’s launch sales: 2,106 units. This is less than one per cent of what its predecessor sold, although it’s worth remembering that Knack was bundled with every PlayStation 4 unit at launch in Japan.

Still, these kind of figures are disastrous. Ironically, the game actually fared ever so slightly better in the UK, where it at least debuted in 12th position before disappearing off the face of the Earth. All of this was predictable, of course: despite it being a much better game than its predecessor, was there anyone in the world clamouring for a new Knack?


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