Sunset Overdrive PS4 PlayStation 4 1

In many ways, Spider-Man will likely end up being the spiritual successor to Insomniac Games’ well-liked Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive, as it’s being made by much of the same team and is similarly all about open world traversal. But that hasn’t stopped the Burbank-based studio from signalling that it’s interested in a sequel to the irreverent 2014 release – it just needs a publisher to help out.

Despite being published by Microsoft Game Studios, the developer managed to maintain rights to the intellectual property, so theoretically it’s free to release any potential follow-ups wherever it likes. There’s been some suggestion that Sony should step in here and get this game made, but part of the reason it went Xbox One exclusive in the first place is so that the studio could retain ownership of the brand – and the Japanese giant rarely publishes releases that it doesn’t own outright.

We wonder if a third-party publisher would be willing to step in – a Bethesda, perhaps? It seems somewhat unlikely, but we wouldn’t be surprised if conversations have taken place between Insomniac and various suitors behind closed doors.