Image: GameStop

With more and more gamers flocking to digital storefronts, US mega-retailer GameStop is locked in a battle to remain relevant. Its latest solution? The newly leaked Power Pass: a $60 six month subscription that will give you access to an unlimited selection of pre-owned games. You’ll be able to swap games whenever you like, and when your membership ends, you’ll keep the last game you had on hire.

GameStop Power Pass PS4 PlayStation 4 2

This actually sounds like a really good deal, though we do have concerns about the condition some of these pre-owned titles are inevitably going to end up in. Still, if you can cope with pizza encrusted cases then this actually looks like good value for money – although the small-print does note that you’ll need to be a PowerUp Rewards member to sign up. Registrations will open on 19th November – interested?