dragon ball fighterz nappa.jpg

We're one step closer to getting our hands on the incredibly promising Dragon Ball FighterZ with the confirmation of a Japanese release date. The super stylish beat-'em-up launches on the 1st February 2018 in its native Japan. It currently has a vague "early 2018" window here in the West, but we can't see the final date being too far behind.

What's more, two new characters have been revealed: Nappa and Ginyu. Apparently, Nappa can summon pesky Saibamen, and Ginyu can, of course, call for help from the Ginyu Force. We're looking forward to seeing them both in action.

Would a February release date North America and Europe suit you just fine? Remember the time Vegeta disintegrated Nappa in the comments section below.

[source gematsu.com]