Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package will see protagonist Frank West dressing up as a variety of classic Capcom characters – including Dante from Devil May Cry and Cammy from Street Fighter. The bonus costumes – unlocked at arcade cabinets scattered around the open world – will augment you with each hero’s signature moves, including Ebony and Ivory.

To be fair, it sounds like this game is getting absolutely stuffed with new content: there’ll be new hidden collectibles scattered around the map, and side-missions will see you unlock alternate outfits for the classic Capcom characters. More to the point, photographing retro game-themed posters throughout the world will unlock trivia and artwork.

Given that one of the complaints aimed at vanilla Dead Rising 4 last year was that it was too self-serious, it’s neat to see the developer go a bit crazy with this PlayStation 4 re-release. Are you tempted to try this out at all? Put on a green leotard and call yourself Cammy in the comments section below.