Assassin’s Creed Origins isn’t out yet – but it’s time to start talking about the title’s post-release plans. Ubisoft has announced that its Egyptian adventure will be supported into 2018 with a variety of add-ons, some of which will be included as part of the Season Pass while others will be free for everyone that owns the game.

To begin with, the Season Pass will be headlined by a new add-on pack named The Curse of the Pharaohs in March, which will lean in on the mythology of Ancient Egypt – and seemingly get a little crazy with fantasy enemies and the like. It’ll be prefaced by The Hidden Ones, a new Roman-themed epilogue due out in January. Both packs will star Bayek and will include brand new regions to explore.

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These meaty chunks of single player content will be accompanied by free DLC, including the educational Discovery mode announced a little while back. There’ll be live events named Trials of the Gods which sound like big boss battles caused by glitches in the Animus, and there’ll also be photo content for you to share with friends and strangers.

There’s the promise of more free content, too, including a horde mode and daily quests at Nomad’s Bazaar which will reward you with random items. Of course, all of this content won’t be completely complimentary, as the game will feature an online store where you’ll be able to purchase time saver packs. Ubisoft’s saying that loot boxes can only be purchased with in-game currency for now – but we bet that you’ll be able to buy the fictional funds with real money come release day.