Midboss’ unique sci-fi visual novel 2064: Read Only Memories will no longer release on the PlayStation Vita, after development woes kiboshed the port. Writing as part of a Kickstarter update, the studio noted that the game was “just not made for the amount of memory the system has” and despite significant effort and expense, it’s been unable to get the release running at an acceptable standard.

“As huge fans of Danganronpa and the 999 series, we really understand the value and potential of the Vita […] but it just is not meant to be,” it said. “In the future, we’ll make sure to build our games knowing the limitations of the platforms we’re aiming for before making any assumptions if we’ll actually be able to execute.”

In other news, Limited Run will release a physical version of the game before the end of the year. There’ll be three versions of the title available – each with a different cover – and they’ll be restricted to 2,064 copies apiece. For those of you who missed it, we really liked this game, awarding it an 8/10 and describing it as “an engaging experience from beginning to end”.

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