Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, an Xbox One exclusive published by Microsoft Studios a few years back, is coming to the PlayStation 4. With the Danish developer Press Play shuttered by the manufacturer last year, successor Flashbulb Games has been given the greenlight to port the puzzle platformer to Sony’s system. It’ll launch later this year.

“Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a cinematic fairy-tale adventure perfect for the whole family to enjoy,” reads the blurb. “Where Scandinavian storytelling meets colourful 2.5D platformer, Max offers perspective players classic jump and run gameplay, smart and innovative puzzles and a fun and unique gameplay mechanic to boot.”

The title will be available both digitally and physically, with Wired Productions handling the retail release. It’s interesting to see this game arrive on PS4 as it was, like we say, originally published by Microsoft Studios – but we suppose this kind of thing has been happening quite a lot of late, hasn’t it?