The team making Shenmue III seem pretty naïve to us. So, you may recall the title’s first trailer releasing recently, and the ribbing that ensued regarding its non-existent facial animations. Well, now Ys Net has clumsily deployed a video showing it faffing about with an old lady’s face. This is basically the studio proving that it does have the tech to animate faces, but as it fiddles around with the grandma’s jowls like the intro scene from Super Mario 64, it just looks weird. “Her face is scary,” the voice over notes.

Look, we appreciate the intent here, and it’s cool that Shenmue III is moving forward. But we think that the developer needs to be careful about what it shows, because these kind of videos are doing more harm than good in our opinion. Of course, it’s in a sticky spot because Kickstarter backers will be demanding regular development updates, but maybe it’d be best keeping its head down and reserving reveals for when it’s got something meaningful to show.