Binding of Isaac PS4 PlayStation 4 1

The long awaited Afterbirth+ DLC for The Binding of Isaac has finally released on the PlayStation 4 with not a word mentioned anywhere about it. The DLC includes 55 plus new items, three booster packs of fan-made items, a new playable character, a harder Greed mode, five new challenges, new bosses, hundreds of new rooms, a whole load of new achievementsm and much, much more.

It's surprising how difficult it is to find the expansion pack considering it's popularity, however if you head to the PlayStation Store and search for it, you'll find it no problem. Somehow it has failed to be mentioned in the weekly PlayStation Store update or feature on any of the front promotional pages. This is becoming a big problem with the PlayStation Store of late and we really think it needs addressing.

Did you realise Afterbirth+ had been released? Have you been crying in a corner awaiting it's release? Or are you just glad it's finally arrived? Let us know in the creepy comments below.