skyrim survival ps4.png

Skyrim's getting a survival mode? Cool!

Or so we thought.

Bethesda has revealed that it's bringing an all-new survival mode to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition. It adds all the things that you'd expect, like having to eat, drink, and sleep in order to survive. Temperature also plays a part, meaning that you'll have to watch out for blizzards and other weather effects.

So yeah, sounds cool doesn't it? But then you realise that it's actually going to be a part of the Creation Club -- Bethesda's way of essentially selling 'official' mods as downloadable content. In other words, survival mode won't be coming to Skyrim as a free update.

The Creation Club itself is due to launch on PlayStation 4 next month, and apparently, survival mode will be free for one week. It'll probably be worth checking out if you're still wandering around Skyrim, but it's a shame that it's being lumped in with the Creation Club, which has already gone down like a lead balloon with just about everyone.

Still, it'll be interesting to see how viable the Creation Club is when it hits consoles -- especially after it's been torn to shreds by PC modders and players.