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Are you the kind of person that prefers your games to be single player focused? Do you dislike this whole service-based initiative that many publishers appear to have adopted? Hard luck. In the wake of layoffs at Agents of Mayhem developer Volition, NPD analyst Mat Piscatella has been chatting with Games Beat about the challenges facing offline games – and they’re significant to say the least.

“The top-selling games in the console market at the moment are primarily service based games that promise significant or even unlimited hours of gameplay,” he told the site. “Single player, non-service based games have to be nearly perfect in execution not only with the game itself but also in the marketing and promotion around the game to get to the top of the charts.”

The takeaway here is that publishers can have success with single player releases – but they better be flawless. Recent examples of games that have achieved this kind of success include Fallout 4 and The Witcher III: Wild Hunt – two titles with superb marketing campaigns and outrageously high reviews. Ultimately, it can be done – but it’s becoming increasingly hard.

“It is a very difficult market for the $60 single-player game to hit the volumes in a launch month that service-based games can reach even if they have been in the market for some time,” Piscatella added, referring to the long shelf-life that releases like Destiny and Overwatch are able to tap into. Worrying times for the humble solo campaign, for sure.