As predicted, Rockstar has wheeled out a fantastic trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2. The video introduces us to Arthur Morgan, an outlaw who rides with the famous Van der Linde gang. We assume this means that the game won't feature multiple heroes like Grand Theft Auto V.

So what else can we learn from the trailer? Well, we’ve now got confirmation that the title is – as expected – a prequel, due to the appearance of a younger Dutch. This would also suggest that there’s still a possibility of John Marston making a cameo appearance – or maybe even more.

Otherwise, the wildlife seems to once again play a huge part in the game, as we see various animals across the outback. And one scene shows some kind of train heist taking place – could that be a system in the full game? We’ll need to wait until Spring 2018 to find out.

Will you be riding off into the sunset next year? Saddle up in the comments section below.