Knack 2 is a much more approachable title than its predecessor with an accessible default difficulty for all, but that doesn't mean it's a total cakewalk. Here are five hopefully helpful tips for making your experience an even more enjoyable one.

knack 2.jpg

Take advantage of the heavy punch

Every one of the core abilities that you gain throughout Knack 2 is essential in some shape or form, but the heavy punch acquired early on is so useful to the point that it almost feels overpowered. With a hold of the circle button, you’ll unleash a devastating punch that most enemies won’t be getting back up from. It has a tiny charge time, a good amount of range, and, of course, deals a huge amount of damage. What's more, when this move is upgraded via the skill tree, it only grows in importance.

Grab the multi punch attack from the tech tree

Another attack that you won’t want to be without is the multi punch. Any foe within your path will receive a good beating as a flurry of punches connects with every part of their body to leave them in a heap on the floor. Again, this can be enhanced further with an uppercut added on, or a special attack that takes out the shields of late-game combatants. An essential pick-up for any Knack.


Build the energy converter for more skill points

Gadgets play a large part in streamlining your experience, and the energy converter is one of the most effective. The yellow crystals spread throughout the world build up your sunstone gauge and on its own, this would up your defence a little if the meter was filled. But with the energy converter, a full meter then turns yellow crystals into extra relic energy. This energy can then be spent in the skill tree, thus unlocking more skills on a much more regular basis.

Assemble the scanner to see enemy health bars

One more gadget you’ll want on your Knack is the scanner, which allows you to see the health bars of every human and robot rebel you come across. It may not seem so important on the surface as you deal with menial adversaries, but when you come across a tank or a huge axe-wielding giant, it’s essential to know how close to death it is should you take a couple of hits yourself.


Learn whether you should be dashing or jumping out of enemy fire

Knack has the ability to block attacks, but this can be quickly overwhelmed. It’s at that point you must know whether to dash out of the way, or take a double jump to safety in order to avoid any follow-up strikes. Many telegraphed attacks show you where the dodge comes in handy, but a larger area of effect attack from bigger enemies can only be avoided using the double jump and glide. Figuring out which enemy does what will help you stay alive for much longer as you search for that lucrative killing blow.

Do you have any tips for Knack 2? Feel free to share them in the comments section below, and help out your fellow Knackers.