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As you may or may not know, Final Fantasy IX comes with built-in cheats, or boosters as they're sometimes known, on PlayStation 4. As with the current-gen re-release of Final Fantasy VII, the cheats essentially make the game easier in a variety of different ways. If you're stuck on a particular boss fight or you just want to blitz through the story without having to grind for experience points or abilities, then you may find them useful.

In any case, here's a quick rundown on how to activate the cheats and an overview of what they actually do.

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Final Fantasy IX PS4 Pause Screen Cheats

You can find the game's first set of cheats on the pause screen. Simply hit the options button during gameplay and you'll see a list of four cheats down at the bottom right of your screen. Cheats on the pause screen can be toggled on or off at any time by pressing the corresponding buttons, and you can have multiple pause screen cheats activated at once.

The pause screen cheats are as follows:

Battle Assistance

How to use it: Press L1 while on the pause screen.

What it does: Battle Assistance basically makes combat a breeze. It makes the ATB gauge of each party member fill instantly so that you don't have to wait in between turns, it keeps your health points and magic points filled, and it allows you to enter trance mode at will, powering up your characters significantly.


How to use it: Press L2 while on the pause screen.

What it does: With 9999 enabled, all of your attacks will deal 9999 damage, and all of your healing magic and healing items will restore 9999 health points.

High Speed Mode

How to use it: Press R1 while on the pause screen.

What it does: High Speed Mode does what it says on the tin: it essentially allows you to play the game in fast-forward, speeding up all gameplay dramatically.

Safe Travel

How to use it: Press R2 while on the pause screen.

What it does: Activating Safe Travel disables all random battles.

Final Fantasy IX PS4 Config Menu Cheats

You can find the game's second set of cheats within the config menu. Hit triangle to open up the main in-game menu, then scroll down to config and select it. Three cheats can be found at the bottom of the config menu under the 'booster' subheading.

Unlike the pause screen cheats, the config menu cheats cannot be disabled once they've been activated. If you save your game after activation, they will be permanently enabled on that save file. If you're looking to test them out, remember to save your game first!

The config menu cheats are as follows:

Master Abilities

How to use it: Select Master Abilities from the config menu.

What it does: Enabling Master Abilities allows your party to instantly learn and master equipment abilities. However, this only applies to equipment that is in your inventory. Picking up equipment while the cheat is enabled allows you to instantly learn that any associated abilities.

Lv/Mag Stone Max

How to use it: Select Lv/Mag stone Max from the config menu.

What it does: This cheat instantly levels up all of your party members to level 99, and sets your magic stone amount to 99.

Gil Max

How to use it: Select Gil Max from the config menu.

What it does: Activating Gil Max instantly grants you the maximum amount of gil.

Do Final Fantasy IX PS4 Cheats Disable Trophies?

Yes and no. Pause screen cheats do not disable Trophies, but config menu cheats do indeed disable Trophies. If you attempt to activate a config menu cheat, the game will warn you that doing so disables Trophies. Be careful!