Destiny 2 PS4 PlayStation 4 PS4 Pro Crash Fix CE-34878-0

Destiny 2 has a crashing problem on the PlayStation 4 Pro which is affecting a sizeable number of gamers playing specifically on Sony’s supercharged system. While the CE-34878-0 error doesn’t appear to be hindering everyone, it has proved prevalent enough for the platform holder to release a statement on the bug.

Writing on Twitter, the firm said that it’s collaborating with developer Bungie to fix the dreaded blue screen of death: “We're aware that some Destiny 2 users have seen crash issues on PS4 Pro,” the company said. “We and Bungie are working to resolve, thanks for your patience.”

Our understanding is that the crashes mostly come about during Crucible matches, though this is by no means the only area where errors occur. Hopefully a patch is released soon, as this is clearly an issue that needs to be fixed quick.