Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross are spirited women, and they’re sure to clash at times during Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’s campaign. But director Shaun Escayg has been chatting with the PlayStation Blog about how that will be reflected during gameplay – and there are times when your mercenary companion may leave you to deal with the bad guys alone if she’s in a particularly rotten mood.

“One area that we’re really proud of is the ‘spilling’ of narrative into gameplay,” he said. “If the characters are doing well – if they’re having a good time and bonding – then gameplay is at its most efficient: you’re fighting and Nadine is there kicking some ass. If the characters are at odds, though, you may have more difficulty. Your partner may be upset with you, may leave you – abandon you – may go do her own thing.”

Escayg added that this is exciting for Naughty Dog because it’s “always trying to blur the line between cut-scene, in-game, and gameplay”. Another element of this we noticed during our hands-on demo is how conversations ebb and flow depending upon what you’re doing; if the lead characters are having a conversation and you sprint off to explore something, they’ll temporarily break off the conversation, only to naturally pick it back up again when you return.

You can read a little more about Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and our hands-on time with the game through here. Are you planning to pick up this standalone adventure later in the month? Bicker with your colleagues in the comments section below.