UFO 50 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Remember those bootleg Game Boy cartridges you could buy from Spanish holiday destinations or the plug-and-play Atari knock-offs on shopping channels? The quality was rarely good – and they were highly illegal – but there was a novelty attached to accessing a mixture of games (good and bad) all in one place.

UFO 50 aims to capture that same spirit, with less lawyers and more noteworthy names. A collaboration between Spelunky’s Mossmouth and designers from the likes of Downwell, Time Barons, Skorpulac, and Madhouse, this is a compilation packing no less than 50 original, indie arcade games. And it looks amazing.

Utilising an enhanced 8-bit aesthetic, you’ll find everything from platformers to shmups to sports to beat-‘em-ups to… You get the drift. Each individual game has a different director, but the art and programming has been a collaborative effort. It’s not currently confirmed for the PlayStation 4, but Mossmouth has hinted that platforms beyond PC are possible, so make some noise if you want this.

[source 50games.fun]