We’re starting to see a few PlayStation VR games leverage the technology to create interactive dioramas, and The Lost Bear is the latest of these. Due out this month, the platformer utilises virtual reality to place you inside a kind of theatre, which changes as the story progresses. You’ll be using your DualShock 4 to interact with objects that will directly affect the side-scrolling part of the release, as you attempt to rescue the protagonist’s teddy.

“Walnut’s story originates from my little sister, who always wandered off to the woodlands with her teddy bear by her side,” game director Daniel Robinson wrote on the PlayStation Blog. “She has always inspired me through her bravery and willingness to overcome her fears. And so, this game is all about a young girl called Walnut also overcoming her fears when she is alone in a wondrous, surreal and dangerous world.”

While we do enjoy the first-person experiences already in plentiful supply on PlayStation VR, we do believe that the technology can add a lot to more traditional titles just like this. The platforming doesn’t look great in the video, but we like the artstyle – particularly how it’s consistent across both the 2D and 3D elements. One to watch for sure.

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