Sonic Mania PS4 PLayStation 4 1

No one’s going to skip the stellar-looking Sonic Mania over its weak roster of trinkets, but just a heads up: the game doesn’t have a Platinum Trophy. The inconsistency of Sony’s achievements system has reared its ugly mug again, with the full-length 16-bit throwback netting just 18 Trophies – and primarily Bronze ones at that.

Does it matter? No, before you start in the comments section, we agree that in the grand scheme of things this means very little. But it is symptomatic of a wider issue on PlayStation at the moment, where games like My Name Is Mayo are free to launch with a full-set of Trophies, but “proper” games like Sonic Mania don’t.

We still believe that a Platinum Trophy should be mandated in every title at this stage.