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A rumour that's erupted overnight, Bethesda may have a project in the works that's based on the wildly popular Game of Thrones property. All of the current speculation is swirling around a single product page on US retailer Target's website, which simply reads "Bethesda: Game of Thrones". Not really much to go on, is there?

Still, it's a potentially exciting premise. If "Bethesda" refers to Bethesda Game Studios - that's the actual developer behind The Elder Scrolls series and the modern Fallout games - then we could have an open world Game of Thrones role-playing title on our hands. There's little doubt that such a thing would set the market on fire.

However, it's also entirely possible that the "Bethesda" part refers to the publisher, in which case this product could be absolutely anything. Let's not forget that Bethesda has a hand in mobile gaming, for starters.

We wouldn't recommend getting excited about this just yet, but feel free to make crazy predictions in the comments section below.