no man's sky anniversary

No Man's Sky first launched one year ago yesterday. Or the day before, depending on your region. After years of hype, the sci-fi exploration title was met with a rather lukewarm reception. Reviews were mixed, as was player opinion, but the game did secure a hardcore following. For a while, developer Hello Games went dark, but it didn't take too long for the small studio to start improving the release.

Jump forward an entire year and the title's latest update, dubbed Atlas Rising, or version 1.3, has just launched. It's a massive patch that brings a range of enhancements to the table, as well as a bunch of a new features. Following on from previous updates, it's safe to say that No Man's Sky is now a much better title than it was back in 2016.

The saga surrounding No Man's Sky continues to this day, then, but now that we're one whole year into the game's life, we want to know what you think. Did you buy No Man's Sky at launch? Do you still play it? Have the updates tempted you back? Vote in our polls, and then shoot your opinions into the comments section below.

Did you purchase No Man's Sky at launch in 2016? (219 votes)

Yes, I was there day one


Nope, but I did buy it later on


No, I never bought No Man's Sky


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Do you still play No Man's Sky? (218 votes)

Yes, I play it all the time


Yeah, I still play it now and then


Nah, I stopped playing at one point and didn't come back


No, I've never played No Man's Sky


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Does this new Atlas Rising update make you want to play No Man's Sky? (218 votes)

Yes, but I'd be playing No Man's Sky anyway


Yeah, I'll be returning because of the update


Yup, I'm actually thinking about buying the game now


Nah, I'll continue to wait and see what else is added in the future


No, even with the update, I'm not interested


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