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Atlus fans have had it rough in Europe over the past few years. Persona 5 did just about make it out on time here – primarily thanks to a publishing partnership that the Japanese company signed with Deep Silver – but past releases from the firm have been notorious for their setbacks in the old world. And that’s if they even made it to these shores at all.

But finally, the company has opened an office in London, meaning that it will handle all European distribution of its games internally moving forwards. Operating out of SEGA Europe’s headquarters, the new British-based arm of the organisation currently features commercial director Simon Inch, and is actively seeking a public relations manager and a product marketing manager.

“Publishing in Europe is simply the next step for us,” Atlus USA’s Jacob Nahin said, stating the damn well obvious. “What this means initially for fans is a parity for launch and premium editions. From a business perspective, we’ll be better positioned to address the needs of each market in which we release our titles.”