Papers, Please PS Vita PlayStation Sony 1

Immigration simulation Papers, Please looks to finally be crossing the border to the PlayStation Vita – a whopping three years after it was announced for the device. We’d given up hope on Lucas Pope’s thought-provoking puzzle game ever hitting the portable, but the title has just been rated for release in Australia, suggesting it’s not too far away.

You may remember the indie game attracting plaudits when it released on the PC in 2013, scooping several Game of the Year gongs – and even a BAFTA in the strategy category. You essentially play as an immigration officer, and must control the flow of people crossing the border. Among those trying to get in are terrorists, spies, and other unsavouries – who will you let through?

This game was revealed for Sony’s handheld all the way back at Gamescom 2014 and has been missing in action ever since. We’ll contact developer 3909 LLC and try to get word on a release date, as the wait for this has already been long and arduous.

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