PS2 Hoodie 1

If flaunting your PlayStation fandom is something you like to do, then Merchoid have a couple of new licensed hoodies designed for you. Inspired by the PSone and PlayStation 2, the £44.99 pullovers celebrate Sony’s classic consoles by reflecting their colour schemes and designs. The PSone top, for example, has a large circular back much like the system itself – while the PS2 option instead opts for statement lines.

“As soon as you see the PlayStation logo, you hear the very distinctive load up tune,” community manager Jessica Adams said. “Whether your fondest memories are warping through time with Crash Bandicoot, saving the world in Final Fantasy, or getting hot under the collar with Spyro the Dragon, the PlayStation opened up a world of never before seen 3D gaming. These hoodies are an affectionate nod to these original console powerhouses.”

Both hoodies are set to release in November, and you can pre-order through here.