Monster Hunter World PS4 PlayStation 4 TGS 2017

Capcom can do some things right, it seems? When rumours started swirling regarding Monster Hunter: World, everyone expected the absolute worst – but the game’s shaping up to be one of the highlights of 2018, without a doubt. And just in case you were worried that there may be a catch waiting around the corner, the publisher’s now confirmed that despite the switch to the PlayStation 4, the title will boast free DLC as has been the case with previous entries.

“We will continue to release free quests as we always have,” producer Ryozo Tsujimoto told Polygon at Gamescom 2017. In fact, the PS4 may give the team additional freedom to experiment with post-release support: “On portable, you are not always online, so you have to have a system in place where people will download the quests or data when they are at home then play when they are out. Now with the console, we can rely on you being online whenever you’re on.”

Before you start worrying about always online DRM, we think Tsujimoto’s referring to the possibility of, say, time limited quests – like, where you’d have a specific window to complete a particular mission. Oh, and if you’re worried that Capcom’s going to ship half a game and rely on DLC to pad out the rest: “We don’t want to let any users down who are used to Monster Hunter being a great, meaty experience,” he concluded.