Monster Hunter: World is on show at Gamescom 2017, which means that the gaming press has been able to get some hands-on with Capcom's 2018 release. Based on what we've read around the 'net, people are seriously impressed with the series' return to home consoles, and you can see why by watching the gameplay videos that various websites are pumping out.

You can catch a single player mission from Game Informer above, and a co-op mission below.

IGN's also got 14 minutes of footage taken from the game's recently revealed Wildspire Waste area.

The monster-mashing title is looking really, really promising right now, and it's abundantly clear that the project is far into development. If you were worried that World would end up being a watered down Monster Hunter title aimed directly at Western audiences, then we think that you're safe to throw those concerns out the nearest window.

Are you liking the look of Monster Hunter: World? Track down some dangerous beasts in the comments section below.