We’ve no idea why Sony doesn’t just make a DualShock 4 Elite, as it clearly recognises there’s a market in place considering it keeps partnering with third-parties to promote so-called “pro” controllers for the PlayStation 4. This time it’s Nacon who's giving the whole premium peripheral thing a second shot with the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2.

In form factor, this looks pretty similar to the original, but it is packing some new features, including: improved customisation software, a USB Type-C connection, fully customisable analogue sticks (including dead zone and response curve), a d-pad toggle for four or eight direction movement, and more. The device is scheduled to release in September.

To be fair, it looks fine, but we’d much prefer it if the Japanese giant took a look at what Microsoft’s up to with its Elite controller and literally just copied it. Like we said at the top of the article, it’s clearly recognised that there’s a market in place for a premium controller – otherwise, y’know, it wouldn’t be helping to market this one.

[source nacongaming.com]