Now that we're a decent way into the second half of 2017, we find ourselves cautiously looking towards the holiday rush. But before we get into the big three of October, November, and December, we first have to stop and admire the promising games of September. As with August, there's a lot to choose from next month, as evidenced by this long list of titles that we can't wait to try.

knack 2.jpg

Knack 2 (PS4 Exclusive)

Publisher: Sony
Release date: 5th September

So Knack's getting a sequel that actually looks... Pretty damn good? You better believe it! The wee (and also sometimes big) man is back for more action-platforming next month, potentially cementing his place as PlayStation's most iconic mascot. Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but this co-op-enabled follow-up genuinely looks very promising, and we reckon Knack at least deserves a second chance.

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Destiny 2

Publisher: Activision
Release date: 6th September

What could potentially be the biggest release of the year, Destiny 2 lands on PS4 just one week from the time of writing this article. It's almost hard to believe that Bungie's supposedly bigger and better sequel is so close, but we can't wait to see what the studio has learned from its first foray into the shooter-RPG genre. Will it blow the original Destiny out of the water? We hope so.

ys viii.jpg

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (PS4, Vita Console Exclusive)

Publisher: NIS America
Release date: 12th September (NA), 15th September (EU)

Hey, we've already given this one an 8/10, so you can go and read our review to see why we think Ys VIII deserves to be on this list. An action RPG starring recurring protagonist Adol Christin, this latest instalment in the series is perhaps more of a traditional Japanese RPG adventure than many of its predecessors, but the added story depth and playable characters make the experience well worth checking out.

pes 2018.jpg

PES 2018: Pro Evolution Soccer

Publisher: Konami
Release date: 14th September

Another year, another PES game that's supposed to be way better than FIFA? We're not always entirely convinced by that argument, but hey, at least Konami is keeping its footie sim ticking along. This one's got Usain Bolt as a pre-order bonus, and a slew of gameplay tweaks that only series fans will likely get a kick out of.

nba 2k18.jpg

NBA 2K18

Publisher: 2K
Release date: 15th September

Gaming’s greatest looking sports title is back to break the backboard in sizzling high definition. Already the highest rated sports series from the past decade, NBA 2K18 aims to improve upon a certified slam dunk with an all-new story mode and an enhanced movement system – tweaks which should easily be enough to make it the MVP next month.

marvel vs capcom infinite.jpg

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Publisher: Capcom
Release date: 19th September

A concept that should be one of the easiest sells in gaming (seriously, a Marvel universe fighting game with Capcom characters thrown in for good measure?), there's a distinct lack of hype for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite - even among the fighting game community itself. Why? Well there are a bunch of different reasons that we're not going to get into here, but we're still willing to give this more accessible brawler a chance.

project cars 2.jpg

Project CARS 2

Publisher: Bandai Namco
Release date: 22nd September

Project CARS 2 finds itself in a precarious position, as it hits the PS4 grid in Gran Turismo Sport’s shadow. But the Slightly Mad Studios developed racer’s been quietly gobbling up awards from under Polyphony Digital’s nose, including the Best Simulation gong at Gamescom 2017. Building upon its 2015 predecessor, this sequel promises to be a beefy proposition, and what it lacks in brand power it may just make up for elsewhere.

senran kagura peach beach splash.jpg

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash (PS4 Exclusive)

Publisher: Marvelous
Release date: 22nd September (EU), 26th September (NA)

It feels like we've been making terrible jokes about Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash for years, so it's about time it finally released over here in the West. Taking a break from beating the crap out of each other with martial arts, our scantily clad group of female ninja have decided to grab some super soakers and head to the beach. Naturally, the whole thing looks totally mad, but with a focus on team play and even multiplayer battles, this could, er, make a splash. Yikes.

danganronpa v3.jpg

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (PS4, Vita Console Exclusive)

Publisher: NIS America
Release date: 26th September (NA), 29th September (EU)

If you've played the first two main Danganronpa games, then you know how intense their mix of ridiculous characters and over-the-top detective work can be. Danganronpa V3 looks to be another mental instalment as once again, a bunch of weirdos are forced to off each other in order to escape the clutches of the evil Monokuma. Wait, there are multiple Monokumas this time around? God help us.

hob ps4.jpg

Hob (PS4 Console Exclusive)

Publisher: Sony
Release date: 26th September

An action adventure title that Sony's been banging on about for what feels like an eternity, Hob is finally arriving on PS4 next month. It's got engaging looking combat, platforming, puzzles, and a pretty cool art style. Will it stand out from the crowd? We're looking forward to seeing if it has what it takes.



Publisher: Devolver Digital
Release date: 26th September

Slick, stylish, and potentially another indie smash hit for publisher Devolver Digital, Ruiner is a cyberpunk shooter with wacky weaponry and, of course, loads of neon lights. The release has been looking great in its latest trailers and gameplay videos, so we're hoping that it's just as enjoyable to play as it is to look at.

fifa 18.jpg


Publisher: EA
Release date: 29th September

The other (and far bigger) side of the footie sim coin, FIFA's back for another year next month. This time it's got Ronaldo on the cover, and they've apparently imprinted each and every disc with a drop of his blood in the hope that his DNA enhances the experience. Expect easier headed goals, absurd amounts of step overs, and way too many wasteful free kicks.

gundam versus.jpg

Gundam Versus (PS4 Exclusive)

Publisher: Bandai Namco
Release date: 29th September

Gundamn it's a Gundam game on PS4! And it's coming West! The latest instalment in Bandai Namco's Versus series, Gundam Versus sees two teams of mobile suits do battle across arena-style maps. With over 90 playable machines and a suite of gameplay modes to get stuck into - both online and offline - it'll hopefully sate our ravenous hunger for all things Gundam.

So, what game are you most looking forward to in September? Vote in our poll, and then declare your hype in the comments section below.

Which September 2017 release are you most looking forward to? (82 votes)

  1. Destiny 224%
  2. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony16%
  3. FIFA 189%
  4. Gundam Versus  0%
  5. Hob2%
  6. Knack 218%
  7. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite  0%
  8. NBA 2K181%
  9. PES 2018: Pro Evolution Soccer2%
  10. Project CARS 25%
  11. Ruiner7%
  12. Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash6%
  13. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana7%
  14. Other1%

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