Naughty Dog’s been clear what Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is, but there still seems to be some confusion surrounding the project. So let’s make this straight-forward right from the start: it’s a full-length, standalone instalment in the action adventure series. Nathan Drake won’t be present – the game stars Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross in the lead roles instead – but this is still being treated as though it’s a proper entry in the franchise.

Nevertheless, because there’s been a bit of confusion surrounding the project, we’ve put together a mini-FAQ to help answer your burning questions.

How long will Uncharted: The Lost Legacy take to beat?

Naughty Dog is pegging Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’s length at approximately the same as Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, which was roughly eight and a bit hours long. Now it’s unclear whether this estimated runtime takes into account collectibles (we’re guessing it does) but we will mention that during our recent demo of the Western Ghats level, we were allocated an hour and only cleared a quarter of the items marked on our map. It’s safe to assume this area alone will take a good three or so hours to complete fully, and there are obviously more locations in the full campaign.

Is Uncharted: The Lost Legacy DLC?

No, it only started life as DLC for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, which is probably where the confusion comes in. Ultimately, Naughty Dog decided to turn The Lost Legacy into a full-length game, because it couldn’t tell the story it wanted to in DLC. So while Uncharted 4 Season Pass owners will still get “free” access to The Lost Legacy as part of their purchase, that doesn’t change the fact that this is a full-length standalone game.

Do you need Uncharted 4 to play The Lost Legacy?

Again, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a standalone game – it’ll appear as a new icon on your PlayStation 4 dashboard regardless of whether you buy the disc or download it from the PlayStation Store.

Does Uncharted: The Lost Legacy have multiplayer?

Yes, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy includes all of the competitive multiplayer and co-operative multiplayer content from Uncharted 4.

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