EVE: Valkyrie is pretty impressive with a PlayStation VR headset strapped to your noggin, but starting 26th September you won’t need virtual reality to play the game. CCP is plotting a massive upgrade for the dogfighting sim named Warzone, and in addition to adding tons of new features and functionality, it’ll also open up the release to everyone with a PlayStation 4. It’s something that the studio’s calling – and groan with us here – cross-reality.

This means that those playing with PlayStation VR will be able to compete against those not, and vice versa. Moreover, the developer’s combining the multiplayer playerbase across PC and PS4, which should significantly improve player population. All very smart moves.

Warzone will actually replace the standard version of EVE: Valkyrie on the PlayStation Store, but if you’ve already bought the original game, you’ll be able to update for free. Everyone else will, of course, have to pay $29.99.

So what else is new apart from the abovementioned? Well, you’ll find a new ship named the Shadow, as well as new weapons, ultimates, and a completely re-imagined progression system. There are also two new maps, a Capture the Flag-inspired multiplayer mode named Extraction, and… Well, loot boxes – or Loot Capsules, as they’re called here. Yay?

We felt EVE: Valkyrie was one of the early standouts on PlayStation VR, and awarded it an 8/10 in our review. “For fans of multiplayer space dogfighting, this is the real deal,” we wrote. “Virtual hats off to CCP on creating a fantastic space combat experience.” Are you more tempted to try it out now that you know PlayStation VR’s not required? Tail us in the comments section below.

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