We’ve been saying it for a while, but City Shrouded in Shadow’s surface jankiness belies basically the best thing ever. Granzella has debuted the first ever gameplay footage from the PlayStation 4 release, and it’s every bit as stupid as we’ve been hoping. In the clip, we see the protagonist go shopping in a convenience store, before Ultraman arrives and wreaks havoc on Tokyo. There are moral decisions that you need to make as you try to survive – it’s so stupid.

One of these choices involves a flower stall, which has been damaged. You can opt to either cover the florist’s damages out of the goodness of your heart or, y’know, laugh at her. Whatever you decide will have consequences later in the game, so may want to think twice before being a total twonk. The full Disaster Report-inspired experience will launch on 19th October in Japan, with no word on a Western release just yet. Please, Bamco – please.

[source live.nicovideo.jp, via dualshockers.com]