Capcom’s released a massive 20 minute demonstration of Monster Hunter: World, showing a quest played from start-to-finish. The video reveals how you’ll stalk your prey through the title’s seamless open world, slipping by wildlife and looking for tells in the environment like foot-tracks. Then it’s time for battle, where you’ll need to use the landscape and ecosystem to your advantage in order to take down your prey.

It’s all rather ambitious: animals go out in search of food for their offspring, and traps can be forged out of the world itself. As is a series staple, this one monster takes a good 20 minutes to defeat, but obviously you’ll be able to scavenge its corpse for materials which will allow you to fashion better items to make return trips that little more manageable. This is Monster Hunter, alright – it’s going to demand a certain mindset but it’s already looking promising.