We're not really sure where to start with this one. Square Enix has told us that it's doing a livestream leading up to the launch of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, but it's certainly not your usual gameplay teaser stream or anything like that. Instead, the publisher will be presenting viewers with live rabbits cosplaying as Moogles - the cute little furry people who appear throughout the series.

Starting from 12:00 BST today, you'll be able to gawk at the creatures as often as you like until The Zodiac Age launches on the 11th July. That's 6 whole days of hardcore rabbit watching. What's more, the press release states that viewers "will have the chance to interact in a number of ways including voting on what delicious and healthy treats the Moogles get to eat, and deciding what the Moogles are named for the week." Please be kind to them.

So, er, that's about it, really. Will your love for all things furry force you to tune in? Maybe you could stick the stream on at work and let your stress seep away? Try not to get too soppy in the comments section below.