Dragon Quest XI is in a bit of a strange situation. The game launches in Japan tomorrow on both the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo 3DS, but Sony has obviously been marketing the title as if the handheld version doesn't exist. This is expected of course -- the PlayStation maker isn't going to go and advertise a rival's product, especially when it's tied to what could potentially be the biggest release of the year in Japan.

However, Sony knows all too well that the 3DS version will hit some serious numbers in Japan, so it's published a post on the official Japanese PlayStation Blog regarding Vita remote play. As if to remind potential buyers that they technically don't need a 3DS to play the game away from a television screen, it's included around four minutes of remote play footage. You can watch it above.

Do you use remote play often? Do you think it's a selling point that Sony should emphasise more often? Dust off your Vita in the comments section below.

[source jp.playstation.com]