Sonic Mania

Remember a few weeks back when the vinyl soundtrack for Sonic Mania was announced? Well, the company producing said soundtrack, Data Discs, has updated the product listing on its site, providing a few more details as to how you can get your mitts on one.

You'll be able to pre-order the album from Saturday, 22nd July, and you'll receive it in September. However, if you're after the limited edition (pictured above), you have a time limit. You'll only be able to order it from 08:00 BST on Saturday 22nd through to 12:00 BST on Monday 24th. Fortunately, the other two editions will still be available after that, so all won't be lost.

While you wait for Saturday morning to arrive, you can have a listen to a new track from the game - the theme of the Hard Boiled Heavies, a group of badnik bosses. Once again, it's pretty darn good.

Will you be buying Sonic Mania's soundtrack? Are you tapping your toes in excitement? Drop dash into the comments section below.

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