Hotly anticipated PlayStation 4 party-based role-playing game Pyre will run in native 4K on the PlayStation 4 Pro, developer Supergiant Games has announced. The gorgeous fantasy foray – which mixes RPG systems with an almost sports-inspired battle system – will also run at a full 60 frames-per-second, regardless of which platform you play on. Lovely stuff.

Furthermore, the studio’s confirmed that you’ll find more than 50 Trophies in the full title, including a Platinum gong. “We love designing Trophies for our games as, at their best, they can open your eyes to new ways to play and create a really exciting game-within-a-game experience, and make you feel that much more rewarded when you finally get all of them,” explained creative director Greg Kasavin.

There are pre-orders live in Europe and North America now ahead of next week's launch, and if you’re a PlayStation Plus member you can get 10 per cent off. There’s a launch trailer embedded above which introduces you to some of the characters you’ll find in the game – it’s all looking rather promising, isn’t it? We’re really liking the look of the almost American football-esque combat mechanics.