dynasty warriors 9 man chong

We've been hit by another wave of Dynasty Warriors 9 information, with Koei Tecmo spilling the beans on a couple of new characters and detailing how the game's open world mission structure will work. To start with, we've got two fresh faces: Wei officer Man Chong, and Shu general Zhou Cang. You can gawk at their sweet outfits in the screenshots that we've embedded above and below.

dynasty warriors 9 zhou cang

As for the title's mission design, it sounds like developer Omega Force is embracing player choice. Apparently, you'll be able to tackle objectives however you want. You can infiltrate enemy strongholds stealthily by climbing over walls, or you can force your way through - you can even send in a battering ram if you've procured one. The path to victory that you take will then have an impact on future missions, and your choices can have a direct impact on the difficulty of upcoming battles.

The screenshots below show off a bunch of different methods.

dw9 mission 5.jpg

The news doesn't actually end there, though. The new batch of screenshots also reveal the existence of wildlife. Wolves, tigers, and pandas dot the open world, and you'll probably have to batter some of them in order to survive. No, we don't think there were any animal charities back in 200AD China.

How do you think Dynasty Warriors 9 is looking? There's no concrete release window for this one just yet, but feel free to start swinging your weapon about in the comments section below.

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