This behind-the-scenes Life Is Strange: Before the Storm trailer seems tailor-made to reassure fans that voice actor Ashly Burch is involved. The star of the first game will not be lending her larynx to the character of Chloe in the prequel due to an on-going strike, but she has been involved as a consultant on the project. It’s all a bit of a shame really, even if replacement Rhianna Devries seems to be doing a decent job in Burch’s absence.

This video talks a little bit about the relationship between Miss Price and her BFF Rachel Amber, who many of you will recall being a key character in the main story. There are some interesting teases here, suggesting that Amber’s influence may not be quite as good as the primary campaign makes it out to be, which has certainly piqued our interest. The first episode of the mini-series will launch on the PlayStation 4 on 31st August.