Hidden Dragon Legend PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Sony’s actively coveting Chinese developers at the moment, and one game that’s coming to the PlayStation 4 in August via Oasis Games is Hidden Dragon: Legend, a promising looking 2.5D action platformer with a flashy combat system. The game’s been built using Unreal Engine 4, and while it looks a little bit muddy visually, the core sword-based action seems pretty fun.

“In the game, players will utilize all their skills in combat, acrobatics, and puzzle-solving to navigate their way through tough enemies, powerful bosses, and Metroidvania-style puzzles while building their fighter through an extensive skill tree that allows players to customize their fighting style,” explains the blurb.

The title will cost $19.99 in North America, and promises “at least” 10 hours of gameplay. Seems decent, doesn’t it? It’s really nice to see the Chinese development scene start bringing their software to the PS4 – and making it available to a global audience.

[source gematsu.com]