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Kicking off today and running right through the weekend, DreamHack Valencia is offering up a veritable banquet of esports across a multitude of titles. One of the major attendees this year happens to be Hi-Rez Studios – the developer behind SMITE and Paladins – who in addition to staging tournaments for their free-to-play properties at the event, has also unveiled some future updates for their stable of competitive games.

First-person-shooter Paladins is getting its 30th Champion: Jenos, the Ascended, a new map, Splitstone Quarry, and a redesign for Frontline Champion Ruckus, that’ll make him fit more comfortably into Paladins fantasy setting.

SMITE on the other hand has had a raft of changes announced. Rolling out under the appropriately titled ‘Project Olympus’, this initiative’s intended to improve the core game features and further polish their MOBA to the benefit of both new and current players.

With the first phase of changes rolling out over the next three patches – starting with 4.13 – and then continuing with further improvements all the way through to the start of season 5 in January 2018, Chris Larson, executive producer of SMITE describes Project Olympus as being “full of big changes that SMITE fans have wanted for a long time”.

The first features announced as part of Project Olympus include major engine and systems upgrades. HUD improvements, and additional controller configuration options, along with an improved in-game knowledge bank, full of tutorial videos to help new players learn the game. And finally, Prestige Levels, which allow SMITE players to level beyond the existing level 30 cap.

So, with strong support continuing for both of these games in the future, are you tempted to give these competitive titles a go? Let us know in the comments section below.