Dead or Alive VR Sense PS4 PlayStation 4 1

PlayStation VR is getting enhanced in Japan as part of a new arcade virtual reality cabinet named VR Sense, and Koei Tecmo is one of the first publishers to sign up. It’s bringing a slew of titles to the futuristic format, which aims to invigorate all of your senses – rather than just your eyes and ears. And yes, that means there will be smells involved – and you may even get wet.

The perfect candidate, then? Well, er, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, of course – the volleyball-esque voyeuristic spin-off. Apparently, the VR Sense adaptation will allow you to – ahem – smell the cast of the buxom young ladies, and you’ll be able to unlock swimwear each time you play. It’s unconfirmed whether you’ll be able to sniff their spoiled panties as well. You probably can.

Also coming to VR Sense from Koei Tecmo is a samurai-inspired rollercoaster game, which uses the cabinet’s “3D seat” to enhance the realism. There’s horse racing title G.I. Jockey as well, which will simulate the feeling of snow, rain, and wind. And there’s a horror game, in addition to a Dynasty Warriors adaptation – all of which are due out this August.

However, the publisher has promised that all of the games will also release on PlayStation VR for the PS4, so you won’t necessarily need to visit a VR Sense cabinet to play them. Of course, Western releases for some of these seem highly unlikely, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Dynasty Warriors made its way overseas.