Good news everyone, Beyond Good & Evil 2 isn't just a CG trailer. The project may still be very early in development, but Ubisoft does have a playable prototype of the game, which was apparently shown behind closed doors at E3 2017. You can catch 15 minutes of it above.

It's clear that a lot of what's on display here is pretty much proof of concept, but it shows that the development team at least has some sort of base already built. Director Michel Ancel talks us through the demo and makes some pretty ambitious promises throughout. No doubt this'll be a video that people look back on if the finished product actually makes it to market years from now.

So what are we looking at, exactly? Well, flying ships play a big part for starters. Ancel talks about having crews both aboard large mother ships and within smaller vessels that are designed for general traversal. You can also hop out of your ship at any time and run about as your own character. Again, it all sounds very ambitious - god knows how long we'll have to wait before we can get our hands on it.

How do you think the project looks? Is there potential here? Jump aboard the comments section below.