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Valkyria Chronicles was one of the unspoken superstars in the PlayStation 3’s catalogue, but aside from a decent PlayStation 4 remaster, the series has taken some strange turns. First up, there was the PlayStation Portable sequels, which weren’t really what anyone wanted. And now enter Valkyria Revolution: a hack-and-slash JRPG that appears to squander the strategy spirit of the originals. Critics, thus far, aren’t impressed. 

IGN - 6/10

Valkyria Revolution tells a decent tale of war, but the strength of that story is dulled by overlong, boring, and poorly animated cutscenes. It sacrifices the unique historical setting and art style of the Valkyria Chronicles series proper in favor of generic JRPG elements that fail to leave a strong impression, and its hack-and-slash combat offers little in the way of strategy and ruins its own flow with an poorly matched magic system.

Polygon - 4.5/10

The true misery of Valkyria Revolution is how much of the series’ roots show through, and how much Revolution itself doesn’t know what to do with them. The qualities that defined earlier Valkyria games are mostly vestigial, but Revolution doesn't present anything strong enough or distinct enough to replace them. What it does do often directly conflicts with those legacy bulletpoints, making a game that feels like a bland timesink at its best and a fractured mess at its worst.

USgamer - 2/5

Tries valiantly to weave a tale of political intrigue, but it's undermined by repetitive mission design, poor menus, and an anonymous cast. If you were hoping for a worthy successor to Valkyria Chronicles, you will be sadly disappointed.

We'll bring you our review of Valkyria Revolution as soon as possible (it seems like SEGA was less eager to send code to UK sites). Are you still planning to pick this one up? Sketch a response in the comments section below.