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Sony has commented on the PlayStation 5 for the first time, telling a German website that it will release a next-gen console – albeit not any time soon. The platform holder was asked about the PlayStation 4 Pro, and whether the mid-gen device will eventually get any exclusive software. Big-wig Shawn Layden reaffirmed that all of its PS4 games will continue to run on the base model, as it sticks to the tried and tested generational format that the industry is accustomed to.

There has been some speculation that generations may be dead, as hardware manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft adopt rolling console revisions instead, similar to what you see in the smartphone space. But in the interview, Layden is adamant that a PS5 is on the way, although he cautions that “it will probably be some time”.

So when can we expect a next-gen PlayStation platform? If you look at how Sony revised its product line three years into the generation last year, common sense suggests that 2019 would be the right time for a PS5. However, the manufacturer may need to wait for meaningful technical advances, so it could end up being 2020. One thing’s for sure, though: the console will already be in production behind-the-scenes.